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Beach Haven West New Construction | Modular Homes | Beach Haven West Real Estate



Beach Haven West New Construction

Since Hurricane Sandy made landfall at the end of October 2012, Beach Haven West has seen a continued wave of new construction. Most of this new construction has taken place as a result of storm damaged homes being torn down which leads both homeowners and buyers in the Beach Haven West real estate market to explore different construction options. The two most common trends in new construction are modular homes and stick built homes.



Search the Beach Haven West Real Estate Market



Beach Haven West New Construction | Modular Homes | Beach Haven West Real Estate

Stick Built Homes in Beach Haven West

A stick built home is essentially the more common and familiar method of building a home. In this process all work is done on site from framing and insulation to paint and finish work. While the project may take a little longer than a modular home, most owners will report a better finished product. A short timeline of the process is below:

Tear down existing home/site work

  • Drive pilings
  • Frame exterior
  • Install windows, siding and room
  • Install wiring and rough pluming
  • Insulate the interior
  • Hang drywall
  • Install floors, trim, kitchen, doors, etc.
  • Paint and complete misc finish work


When a modular home is built, the majority of the work is completed off-site in a factory. This makes changes a little more difficult. For example, when a house is framed you may find you like or do not like the view from a certain room. At this stage it is usually very simple to make modifications to your liking, something that is much harder in a modular home.




Beach Haven West New Construction | Modular Homes | Beach Haven West Real Estate


Beach Haven West Modular Homes

There are pros and cons to building a modular home in Beach Haven West. Before we can explore the pros and cons, it is important to understand the process.

  • Modular homes are constructed off-site in a factory
  • They are then shipped in units to the job site
  • The units are assembled on a piling foundation which would have been installed weeks before the units arrived

Once assembled, the finishing work will begin which includes drywall repair, painting, kitchen installation, siding, and other punch-list items

Modular homes, in some cases, offer a quicker and less expensive option compared to traditional new construction. Many companies offer a semi custom floor plans allowing for personalization of the overall design layout. Many of the same trades, for example a piling contractor, a plumber, electrician, and so on are needed when building a modular home in Beach Haven West. These contractors are an essential component, as the pre-built modular units still require some time to finish. There are of course variables that cannot be anticipated, but a rough timeline for completion should be about 20 weeks from the date the units are set on pilings.

Pros and Cons of Building a Modular Home in Beach Haven West

There are two common negatives associated with building modular homes. The first has to do with design. While modular construction has come a long way and now allows for flexibility in design, there are still restrictions. It is fairly easy to tell a modular home from a non-modular home just by walking in the door. This can, in some cases, have a negative impact on the value of new construction. There are some long-term issues to deal with as well. It is very common to see cracks appear in the drywall where the seams of the units are brought together. This is due to the pressure applied from one unit resting on top of the other, coupled with a piling foundation and soft, sandy soil. While these cracks are not structural or dangerous, they are evident and may be difficult to repair. Modular homes do offer a quick timeline in a fairly easy process. For this reason, if a buyer or homeowner is trying to complete a project before the summer months, a modular construction may be a good route to consider.




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